Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thrift Haul: La Primavera (Spring)

Well the hubby was in town and we got up to a lot of thrifting over the past few days. He bought an 80s Kramer guitar, I bought a lot of glass and silk tops. What else is new? 

My first Saturday with a full booth at Memory Lane and I've sold one item!! Woohoo!!


I finally got the other three cups/saucers to my one. Now I have a set of Lubiana Kristall teacups Made in Italy. Although they were more expensive the second time around. 

Value Village

Book of fairy tales with not only Germanic tales.

Odagiri lacquerware address book. The address book itself is leather and it's sandwiched by two lacquered encasings. Pretty cool.

Pyrex lemonade pitcher

Pinecone pitcher w/ ounce measurements on the side. I bought this for myself and I broke it today! :(

Salvation Army

Pretty in pink.

Avon Beauty Dust container. Once used for talc powder and a giant puff. I think I'll keep this to hold little trinkets. I love the coral pink color.

Pretty glass saucers with pink roses. No cups, and there were only 3. They'll be perfect for putting under small flower pots.

6 Cutler cherry blossom glasses. I want to keep these but I also really want to sell them. They're so pretty.

2 placemats. Nothing super special about them, I just liked the colors and they were 99 cents for both.

Value Village again

Navajo wedding vase. It's tiny but I'm starting a collection now.

Vintage Marat D'Avignon French Provencal tablecloth. Great colors.

This is up for sale in my Ebay store right now.

And two silk tops that are also up for sale. Both size S.

Club Monaco silk blouse with coral orange stripe $25

T Babaton silk "Peyton" blouse with contrast collar and cuffs $25

- J

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