Thursday, April 13, 2017

Outfit of the Day

I'm gonna try doing some OOTD posts featuring both items from my personal wardrobe as well as items for sale in my eBay store. I don't know if this will be something I'll continue as there are many many caveats to such an endeavor:

1) I hate taking photos of myself. Any time I'm in front of a camera, I revert to Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights - "What do I do with my hands?"
2) Even though I own a lot of clothes, I generally only wear the same 4 or 5 things.
3) Since I work from home, my OOTD usually consists of sweatpants and old band shirts, so it'll really be more like OOTW[eek].
4) I don't have a good set-up for these photos. Most of my walls are covered with art and tapestries and installations so the only bare backdrop I have is of a concrete wall in one of the unfinished rooms in the basement. As you'll see, the lighting is horrendous and doesn't really do anything for any of the clothes I'm wearing. It looks like the photo was taken from a camera phone in the 2000s.

Denim jacket - My boyfriend's vintage Levi's trucker jacket
Top - Wilfred "Durandal" wool mock neck sleeveless sweater
Jeans - Rag & Bone Skinny w/ Holes
Boots - Alexander Wang "Gabi"

I currently have a Levi's trucker jacket for sale in my shop. It's a different cut than the one I'm wearing.

For sale here.

Wilfred sweater, still on sale online.

For sale here.

My Rag & Bone version in Soft Rock.

Aritzia no longer carries the faded black version but they have the Skinny in Night w/ holes, w

For sale here.


Friday, February 10, 2017

BlixaMix: New Listings

Lot of great jeans up in my store this week!

NWT blk dnm "Jeans 22" in Newkirk Blue, Size 27. For sale here.

Aritzia ONE TEASPOON "Freebird" Distressed jeans in Fox Black, Size 24. For sale here.

If these were my size I'd totally keep them.

So cool!

7 FOR ALL MANKIND "Roxanne Flood" Jeans in Black, size 30. For sale here

J BRAND cotton twill "811" Jeans in Shock Pink, Size 27. For sale here.

J BRAND cotton twill "811" Jeans in Balsamine, size 28. For sale here.

This color was exclusive to Aritzia. It's a burgundy/maroon, very similar to "Merlot."

J RBAND "511" corduroys in Mulberry, size 27. For sale here.

CURRENT/ELLIOTT "Stiletto" jean in Bleached Out Leopard, size 25. For sale here.

CURRENT/ELLIOTT "Stiletto" jean in Haystack Mini Dot, size 29. For sale here.

PAIGE "Skyline Skinny - Zoe," size 28. For sale here.

AG ADRIANO GOLDSCHMEID Entourage "The Stilt" cigarette jeans, size 27. For sale here.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Bag Lady

Most of those close to me know me as a bag lady in the sense that I keep all plastic bags/shopping bags until I can re-use them. I literally have bags and bags full of smaller bags taking up prime space in my closets and cabinets. What can I say? I hate waste.

But purses, on the other hand, I've never used much. I enjoy being a hands-free person. And when ever I do carry a purse, I fill it with make-up, notebooks, tampons, and inevitably, rocks. (You'll find rocks in most of my jacket pockets as I love to collect them). Rocks are heavy. Purses are heavy. Carrying nothing is so much easier.

Despite this, I've amassed some real designer treasures over the last year, items I've lusted for since I first saw them many, many years ago, and the most I've ever spent on a single item is CA$315. Most of these things don't get used because again, I hate carrying things, but I love them all the same.

Proenza Schouler PS1 Large in white

This bag retails for US$2,150 (CA$2,935). I bought it for CA$315 (including shipping) off Kijiji from a woman in Montreal. It was incredibly dirty which is why it was so low. I'm not ready a fan of the large - I've always wanted the medium - but you can't be picky when you're bargain hunting for luxury goods.

Pen mark on the front flap is all me.

Very dirty back. This was how it looked when it arrived, which didn't bother me because wearing jeans with white leather will invariably turn the back blue anyways.

I've since dyed it black and plan on selling it on eBay. This photo shows the bag after the first coat. And trust me, there will be several more before this guy's ready for sale. I might be frugal but I'm a perfectionist.

Balenciaga Classic City in Oxblood

This bag retails for US$1,835. I got it for CA$290.67 off eBay from a seasoned seller in Japan. Free shipping. No customs. Also a bit of wear to the bag but I use my things hard anyways so even had it been brand new, I would've destroyed it within its first week. 

Mine. Condition's not too bad, only thing is the messenger strap is broken and unusable.

Alexander Wang Marion crossbody w/ rose gold hardware

This bag retails for US$675 and I got it for CA$199.24 off eBay, including shipping and customs. The bag went for so low because it's lost a lot of its initial structure and the hardware is quite scuffed.

Mine. Leaves a lot to the imagination, huh?

It's these folds on the sides that are the problem. They stick out like two giant ears. I've been thinking about taking it to a leather smith and getting them to grommet the folds and attach something that will keep the leather in tact (as you'd see in the top of a bucket bag), but I haven't.

Stuffed with newspaper. 

I kinda see a resemblance?

How it's supposed to look when on...

And how it actually looks hanging. Mine looks like it ate the other one and is now bloated from all that leather and metal.

Alexander Wang Fumo wristlet w/ rose gold hardware

This wristlet retails for US$225 and I got it for CA$120 off eBay, including shipping. Now wristlets, I use. Easier to carry and less amenable to stuffing. I like the Fumo because it has zippers and compartments and interior pockets galore.

But only 50% off, you say? How extravagant of you, J? 

Original photo from eBay.

So cute.

Photo makes it look slightly dirty but it's in pristine condition

Probably the best condition leather good I've gotten off eBay.

And this next item I've bought but haven't received yet:

Alexander Wang Isis clutch

This bag retails for US$1,050 (CA$1,391) and I got it for a whopping CA$170 off eBay including shipping. I've always liked this bag but thought it was rather pricey for a clutch. 

Original eBay photo. Condition pending!

As you may have learned, I'm quite a fan of Alexander Wang. And I think that's the main takeaway here. That and I'm more than comfortable sacrificing condition for cost. 


Sunday, January 15, 2017

BlixaMix: New Listings


I finally put these up! About a decade ago, I went to Paris for the first time and I was determined to buy a pair my first pair of Louboutins. On a rainy day, I went to the cute little boutique tucked away on Rue de Grenelle and I was the only customer in there. These patent tortoiseshell Very Privé pumps were the only ones I liked and could semi-realistically afford but they only had a size 35 (I'm a 35.5). I walked around the red carpetted store hemming and hawing while the cute little French girl ambivalently watched me, and I decided to bite the bullet, because, why not? €595 wasn't that much.

I eventually met up with my parents and proceeded to lug around these shoes in Louboutin's signature beige paper bag around every tourist attraction in the city: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louis Vuitton flagship store on the Champs Elysées. 

Of course when I got back to Canada, I knew in my heart that they were too small, and they sat on a shelf for 9 and a half years. I gave them to my mom but she doesn't wear heels so she gave them back to me. Now, I hope they will go to a good home as they deserve to be worn in public. I might not have these shoes anymore but I have a million vacation photos of me happily carrying a Louboutin bag that will always be a reminder of my impetuous youth and stupidity!

BNIB CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN "Very Privé" pumps in size 35. For sale here.

MANOLO BLAHNIK "BB 70" pumps in size 35. For sale here.

These belonged to my mom. She wore them once.

KORS Michael Kors red Nappa "Erin" flats w/ patent cap toe, size 6.5. For sale here.

Worn once. They say 7M but they definitely fit small. They almost fit my 5.5 feet!

NWOB Twelfth St. By CYNTHIA VINCENT embroidered "Sage" flat, size 7. For sale here.

Love these flats. Wish they were my size.

NWOB BETSEY JOHNSON leather star-cut "Bellaaa" slippers, size 7. For sale here.

Aritia WILFRED short double breasted wool coat, size XXS/XS. For sale here.

Worn with WILFRED tapestry scarf, also for sale.

Aritzia WILFRED wool tapestry scarf. For sale here.
I couldn't get mine to look like the stock photo, but I tried!

MADEWELL cotton/silk "Safari Sketch" scarf. For sale here.

Very large and reversible

Aritzia WILFRED fit and flare "Tartine" dress, size 6/8. For sale here.

Aritzia WILFRED cotton crepe w/ silk dress, size 4. For sale here.

TED BAKER silk crepe kimono sleeve blouse, size 4. For sale here. Bralette also for sale.

I love this blouse which is probably why I priced it a little higher than I normally would for a blouse. A part of me wants to keep it.  UPDATE: I kept it!

NWOT Aritzia WILFRED stretch silk "Mysterieux" bralette, size S. For sale here.

I bought this new but it's just too small on me.

CLUB MONACO silk strapless top, size M. For sale here.

Aritzia TNA "Pacific" hoodie, size S. For sale here.

LULULEMON "Energy" bra, size 8. For sale here

LULULEMON "Flow Y" bra, size 6. For sale here.

7 FOR ALL MANKIND distressed "Dojo" flare jeans, size 26. For sale here.

And lastly, I'm selling this for a friend because she got it from her aunt as a Christmas present in a family secret Santa draw even though she specifically told her aunt she wanted a Tim Horton's gift card, to which her aunt had agreed. But her aunt took it upon herself to buy my friend a jacket in the US - completely not her style - and rip the tags off because, "Hey, you live in Canada, why would you ever need to return it?" even though my friend goes to the States ALL THE TIME.

NWOT JENNIFER LOPEZ faux-suede, faux-shearling moto jacket, size 6. For sale here.

Tag says 8 but it definitely fits small.

That's all folks! I'll be listing some more stuff later in the week!