Sunday, April 3, 2016

Thrift Haul: Atomic Amoeba Boomerang

I thought I bought a lot of glass the other day, but Friday was an even bigger glass haul. I found almost a complete set of the Federal Atomic Amoeba Boomerang glasses in turquoise blue. Apologies for the bad photos, it was late and I was tired.

Value Village - Wellington

Ayers plaid wool blanket

Swing-A-Way ice crusher. Love the avocado green color

Value Village - Dundas

Now to the Amoeba sets! They're all in excellent shape with no chips and pristine gold leaf. Good thing I had a 30% coupon at Value or else this would've gotten a bit pricey. I think I might list these guys on Etsy or Ebay, haven't decided. They seem to go for a lot on Ebay.

6 whiskey glasses (or round tumblers)

5 brandy snifters

5 pilsner glasses

6 sherry glasses

2 lowball glasses

5 Wedgwood small tumblers

Belgian milk glass apothecary jar with pink decal. This guy's for me.

2 aprons. Oneturquoise polka dot apron w/ silk grosgrain tie and a Japanese-printed poi apron

Nabokov Ada hardcover

Suzani-like tablecloth. If anybody recognizes this, please let me know. I mean, it could be vintage Zellers for all I know.

- J

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