Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thrift Haul: I Love Lamp!

It's my 2 week anniversary at Memory Lane Antiques, and so far I've sold 6 items totalling $111.05 (the uneven amount is on account of discounts provided to other vendors). That's my gross profit right now but I wasn't even expecting to make $100 in my first month.

On to the thrifts!


Found this lovely Kroehler end table for $10. Wood, handmade, and it has a center mount drawer bracket rather than tracks on the sides, which I love. It slides in and out with ease. 

These next items didn't even make it home. Went straight to the store afterwards.

4 Atomic Starburst highball glasses, $14

Sadler sugar and creamer set, $8

So that's how my booth looks now. 

Value Village

Bakelite worry beads. These need to be restrung.

Vintage Shillcraft rug in # 172 Pansies. I bought this because I'm obsessed with hooked rugs at the moment. Little did I know these things go for several hundreds of dollars on eBay.

Two lamps: one midcentury wood lamp w/ marble base made by Sunrise Lamps that I'll be selling and one porcelain lamp (that's actually light blue, but light blue never shows up, as my wall is also light blue) that I will probably keep

Goodwill again

Large oil painting with wood frame. Measurements are 33.5" x 27.5" so it's quite big. Signed LE. It's hanging in my foyer at the moment.

Not gonna lie, I spent more money on myself in the last few days than I have on stuff to sell. So, I better get on that. But I did sell a pair of J Brand jeans on Kijiji and these Amoeba whiskey tumblers on Ebay yesterday!

Happy Tuesday!

- J

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