Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Art Deco: 1930's Dresser

Bought this antique Art Deco dresser from Strathroy Antiques Mall last month and had it on layaway until I could borrow my boyfriend's truck. It's got beautiful caramel Bakelite handles and I like the tiered look of the middle panels. It doesn't have a lot of the features that these dressers from the period had, like waterfall construction, wood veneer bookmatching, or dovetail drawers, so it might be from the late 40s. But I still love it. I needed a dresser desperately as I have no drawers in this house.

Again, sorry for the awful photos. I should've taken the photos when it was in the garage, as my bedroom has very little light. And they're blurry because I took them in a rush. (I'll take some better ones once I get the area a little more decorated).

As you can tell, I also need a nightstand for that side of the bed (hubby's). Right now he has an upside down milk crate that's been covered with a plaid shirt.

- J

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