Friday, September 30, 2016

Office Space

The day I suggested to hubby I needed a bigger desk and he needed a new chair, we went to Bibles for Missions and found this desk and this chair.

Desk $79. Chair $12.

So I gave my old desk and chair to him and this is now my current workspace. The larger area is great for wrapping packages.

I could also provide Blixa a space of her own for when she likes to stare out the window, ie. wait for me to come home.

The Mexican blanket I put on the floor happens to go with everything perfectly. The turquoise matches the table to the left, the blue matches the walls, and the pink matches Blixa's velvet pillows. 

Blixa and her new friend.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mid Century Leather Chairs

Picked these guys up in Kitchener last week. I'm not sure if they're mid century, they look more 70's to me, but either way, very retro.

For sale on Kijiji here.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Balenciaga City

I'm currently doing a post on re-dying a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag, so in the interim, I thought I'd post my new designer score.

I have a knack for snagging $3,000 bags for $300 (Canadian prices, obviously). I don't mind a bit of wear on a purse. I use things hard, so 5 years with someone who cares for their handbags is equivalent to 5 months with me anyways.

Yesterday was my birthday and about a week ago I came across this Balenciaga City bag in Bordeaux with a very low starting big. It was around 11:30pm, there was about 14 minutes left on the auction, and without even looking into it, I bid and won. Talk about an impulse purchase.

Around midnight, I started to worry that the bag was a fake. So I spent the better portion of 2 hours investigating its authenticity and I came to the conclusion that it was indeed authentic. The seller was a trusted source. Phew. And when it arrived, I was even more certain about its authenticity. It was clearly listed at such a cheap price because of its less than stellar condition.

Fine by me! It has a great patina.

And so I anointed this bag as a birthday present to myself! And I love it. The size suits me more and I love the oxblood color. I originally wanted the City with giant studs in black but that will have to wait.


Thrift Haul: No Theme!

I had this draft saved for over a month and I forgot to post it! September has been so hectic (lots of really good posts to come, I promise).

Mid century wood and brass balance. For sale on Kijiji for locals, and on Etsy for non-locals.

Southwest themed placemats

Love the varied colors. They clearly need a wash.

Large pansy planter.

Small Persian rug for Blixa. 

Small Japanese enamel tea pot.

Love the tangerine with the light blue interior.

Vintage Fiesta Glass handkerchief bowl.

This little end table. It's not the world's sexiest piece of furniture but it was $2 and I was sick of having a crate as a night stand. I also picked up 4 drum lampshades.

Shoes, all for sale on my eBay page.
Left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Coach, Lord & Taylor x Liberty