Monday, April 11, 2016

April Tulips

The weekend is over and I only sold one thing from my booth. But that's ok! I wasn't expecting much in the first month and it was only my first week. I went in today to swap some items and rearrange what was there. According to market research, moving things around on a display shelf and taking things away for a week or two, will increase interest in buyers.

1) People like to see new stock; it keeps them coming back for more. It also foments desire in the indecisive buyer. Say they don't know if they want that plate set because it's a little overpriced. When it's gone, they feel a sense of loss, but when it comes back, they realize how much they wanted it in the first place and snap it up in case it goes away again.

2) Different placements appeal to different people. Putting a glass next to a picture frame one week might not do anything for a buyer but putting that glass next to a vase the next week might spark inspiration in a buyer who has a similar vase.

It's all mind games. Anyway, some minor changes I made.

Moved the enamel kettle and Hemingway up, brought in my midcentury Fred Press turquoise and gold "Trojan" carafe (top chelf) that I love, and also added some cuffs (bottom left)

Put the Cutler cherry blossom glasses on the middle shelf to catch people's eye. The black stands out. Also replaced the New Mexico mugs with the Pyrex lemonade pitcher.

Rearranged the blankets and swapped Mexican blankets. I call this red and pink one Valentine.

After grocery shopping, I picked up some tulips. Fresh flowers always brighten my day.

I brought back the pastel-hued Cutler glasses and repurposed the cracked blue one to make little vases.

Blixa's curious. She's probably wondering if she can eat them.

Pink goes on my desk with my Navajo wedding vases.

Green goes on the tray on the coffee table.

Broken blue goes in the kitchen, in case any further breakages necessitate a quick clean-up.

- J

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