Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mid Summer Blues

I don't know about you guys but I'm not a summer girl. I hate the sun, I hate beaches, I hate fruity cocktails, and happy people. But I have good reasons for everything! Respectively, my eczema is the worst when the sun burns its brightest, I hate that sand-forever-in-pants feeling, I don't drink alcohol, and well, doesn't everybody hate the person who smiles the hardest when you're feeling a bit blue? 

It's been a hot humid summer so I can't do shit in my garage. Stepping outside feels like entering a sauna. It hasn't stopped other people from being productive but I'm a cave person. I come from cave people, so I have cave constitution. Dark, dank, cool, quiet. That's my jam. Although my dream living location is the California desert. It's not humid there, I guess. Humidity makes human beings sad.

Also not having a car has pretty much put a stop to all business and outings. I could bus it out to thrift stores but then that just precludes me from buying anything large/made of glass/furniture, etc. which is also my jam. And round trip bus fares here are $5.50. Five-fucking-fifty! For someone who is unemployed and makes very little income per month but still has to pay for some shit to survive (like food and wifi), $5.50 is not something I can spare. 

So what have I have been doing? I re-watched all of Game of Thrones in less than one week, I've been going through all the stand-up specials on Netflix, I started writing a screenplay for a sitcom, and I've been trying desperately to discover if I have any superpowers. No luck. 

It's good that hubby and I don't live together, otherwise we'd be driving each other insane. We could get day jobs but jobs severely interfere with our abilities to do other things, like watch 6 hours of Family Guy, write reviews on Tripadvisor, and play with my cat. I shouldn't speak for hubby, he actually got a grant to do his stuff. I, on the other hand, am committed to being poor because at least I get to sleep in and not have to put pants on all day. 

So, the whole point of this post is to tell you guys: GO BUY MY STUFF. At my booth at Memory Lane, Ebay, Etsy, via private message, whatever. I need money. I promise it won't go towards drugs or booze. I, however, cannot promise that it will not go towards a new pair of Rag & Bone jeans. 


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