Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Furniture Haul

Did you know that Habitat for Humanity Restores are a great place to pick up home reno materials? In addition to getting larger items like windows, doors, furniture, etc, they also always have a surplus of tools and supplies for a fraction of what they'd cost at hardware stores like Home Depot and Rona.

I got paint brushes, foam brushes, a roller w/ attached pad, and a metal paint tray, all for under $10.

I started this post when I was active and healthy, but hubby and I have been under the weather recently and we had to put our projects on hold while we convalesced. I did manage to snag some more furniture before flu-week. All purchased from my local Goodwill.

Saw this bad boy for $5. Great condition. Little bit of tarnishing on the nailheads and some patina to the suede but it was solid.

Had to roll this across the yard from the truck to my hallway. 

This piece looked well made so I looked under the cushion, and I saw a logo that said ROWE. I typed in Rowe arm chairs and I discovered that Rowe specializes in custom-made furniture and that this chair is a part of the Rockford collection.

Chair with ottoman

Chair in a different fabric and print

I also learned that Rowe custom made furniture is incredibly expensive and that non-leather upholstery for one of these chairs costs CA$1,749.99. A very sweet score this was for me.

How it looks in its final resting place with the new chenille throw (also from Goodwill).

It's replaced the ugly armchair.

A little industrial metal desk for $7.

Got this for hubby, who has made a little office for himself in the basement.

A solid wood dresser in really good shape, minus the handles and the veneer top.

Before I go, let's just take a minute to appreciate that I moved all this stuff - two wood dressers and a metal desk - off a truckbed into my garage by myself.

How I did, I have no clue!

My timeline for these projects has been pushed back due to the shelf in my room still needing to be sanded and painted. But they will get done!



  1. Hope you guys already feel better. Amazing score on the chair that looks lovely in your home, I love getting things on drastic discounts from the thrift store. Didn't know about the habitat store, will keep that in mind when I need supplies!