Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Etsy: Kitchen Confidential

New items up on Etsy! They're all kitchen items I've had for months but was just too lazy to put up. My scale is also too small for glass items and I don't have appropriate size boxes so I kind of winged it on the shipping estimates.

Set of 5 vintage Jacksons of Picadilly tea tins.

Vintage James Kent Old Foley "Eastern Glory" sandwich tray.

I'm always coming across gorgeous Cutler glassware but whenever I do an online search, not a lot pops up. All I know is they were based out of Toronto in the 1970s and they made a lot of really cool custom drinkware. It's unfortunate they're not more coveted by collectors because nobody is snapping up these cool pieces. Popularity kind of dictates interest and when nobody knows about a great brand, nobody wants to pay money for it. 

Set of 6 vintage Cutler cherry blossom highball glasses w/ wood and glass tray.

Set of 6 vintage Cutler pussy willow tumblers

Set of 4 vintage striped tumblers

Vintage rustic wood bread box

This next item I haven't listed yet because I think I might want to use it once before getting rid of it. I've always wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven and this is the closest thing I have to it (it's enamel-coated cast iron). I got it from Memory Lane years ago before I had a booth there and I can't put it up in my booth because of the unsaid agreement that you don't resell/mark-up items from a fellow vendor (and I know that vendor's still there because I saw her re-organizing her booth). 

Vintage Polish dutch oven



  1. All my kind of scores. The cherry blossom set is gorgeous! :O I love glass kitchenware and barware.

    1. Me too! And I can tell, I've seen your photos!

      Did you go thrifting today on National Thrift Store Day?

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