Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Thrift Haul: The Big Keep

As you all know, I'm sans vehicle at the moment but that hasn't stopped me from finding a way to thrift. Namely, I borrow cars from other people and I hit as many thrift stores as possible in one trip.

This post will be a big one because it spans a few days worth of thrifting, including some stuff I got before I left for my trip. I've been too busy to post anything over the last few weeks because hubby and I have been busy building a wall unit/cat shelf, which means the thrifted items have accumulated.

On to the stuff!

Vintage wood baker's table that's been refurbished and painted in turquoise and white. For sale on Kijiji here.

Framed botanical prints. Bought these for myself but they've just been sitting in my living room. For sale here.

I adore these carousel horse lamps. 

Found this wood lampshade the other day and it goes well with the brown horse.

A woven tapestry of South American origin?

More recent things!

Mexican talavera. I got these tiles off Kijiji and now I just need to find a table to fit them.

Wool runner. 

Metal filing two-drawer cabinets

Ceramic wall plaques by Erma Gillihand Duncan. I got these because I thought they were well-priced but apparently the artist is well known for her cameo plaques

Framed animal ink drawings.

Botanical wall plates by Arabia Finland, design by Esteri Tomula. I originally wanted to keep these for myself but they go for a pretty penny on Ebay.

Virgin wool throw blanket. Love the colors.

So does Blixa, methinks.

Wood mirror made in USA, Mexican mask w/ Otomi print, Pyrex lemonade pitcher, milk glass goblet

Vintage fringe lampshade that works perfectly in the reading/vinyl nook.

Cylinder lampshade. This corner is almost done but it still feels a little bare.

Red enamel pot, Opening Ceremony makeup bag, baroque picture frame w/ the desert botanical card that hubby and I mailed ourselves from California. 

Vintage D. M. Ferry & Co's metal sign

Floral fabrics. Both of these swatches are tiny but I loved the prints regardless.

Mexican batea, handpainted wood bowls

Velvet dusty rose cushion w/ tassles

Mexican amate paintings. These are giant.

Four glass jars w/ metal lids. 

And...that doesn't even include clothes, Kitchenaid pans, and a couple other items that I priced and put into my stall at Memory Lane. 

Happy thrifting adventures everyone!


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