Saturday, June 11, 2016

B12: Shelf Life

I finally sold the radio cabinet/table that I was using as my main display unit in my space. I spent today looking for replacement furniture. The dimensions I have to work with are very limited so I struggled but I managed to cob some pieces together to make my space cohesive.

Shelves haven't changed much. I added the botanicals prints and the metal boxes (there's 2) a week ago.

Also added were the Jacksons of Piccadilly tea tins, the little green recipe box, and four glass canisters with metal lids.

The bottom half of the space: the white shelf is actually a large coat rack on its side, and then there's a little green shelf and a letterpress drawer behind it. Up front is a vintage (it's from the '90s) D.M. Ferry & Co's metal sign.

Tomorrow's post will be another giant Thrift Haul post, but with knick knacks. So many knick knacks.


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