Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thrift Haul: The Glass Menagerie

My booth is open beginning tomorrow, April 1st!! They called this morning telling me I could start a month early so come check out B12 @ Memory Lane Antiques on April's Fool's Day!

Most of this stuff will be for sale.

The theme today is glass. So much glass. I've already cracked one of them. So the fissures begin...Tennessee Williams would approve.

Yesterday I went to St. Thomas to pick up the lynchpin of my booth. It's a side table that fits the exact dimensions of my space, so it'll be perfect for displaying goods. Since I was going to be in town, I thought I'd make the most out of it, so I arranged for two more pick-ups off Kijiji and mapped out my route to three thrift stores. I also went to the post office there to ship an item I sold on Ebay. 


Vintage radio cabinet. Originally, I thought the cabinet was solid and the center medallion was inlay but knowing that it was probably a radio cabinet is fine too. Specificity is always good; storage is even better. One of the wheels is broken so I'm thinking about taking them all off. Also thinking about replacing the mesh with something else but I haven't figured it out yet.

A collection of Hemingway's books.

Half-moon wood table. This guy was great, when he asked me what my schedule was like, I told him I'd be in St. Thomas between 3-5, but he said he was working so he'd just leave the table on his front porch. I love that the honor system is still a thing in smaller towns.

Salvation Army

Today was 50% everything in the store. I'm usually never successful at Sally Ann but I couldn't have lucked out better.

Two rolls of Ralph Lauren wallpaper. Gorgeous print and color, don't know if I'll keep myself or sell these. Probably sell.

2 Wedgwood Greek glasses in Jeanette Blue. 

4 Atomic tumblers. They weren't together but I wanted to sell them as a set.

 However, now one of them is cracked so I'll have to find a replacement.

1960's chip and dip set. I see these everywhere but they were priced incredibly low so I couldn't pass on them. The gold leaf is still going strong.

Cute plastic turquoise measuring cups and a glass Pyrex measurement cup.

Tortoiseshell-like acrylic Avon comb with case.

2 mugs from The Treasure Chest, New Mexico. LOVE these. As you will get to know me, I love anything Southwest, anything desert. 

Striped apron. Possibly keep this.

Bibles for Missions

The St. Thomas BFM is HUGE. And it has sections that are almost set up like vendors in antique malls and they're certainly priced that way. 

3 pastel Cutler glasses (blue one is cracked, so I'm now using it as a pen holder on my desk)

Fl.128oz milk jug. 

Baret Ware tray in Nosegay. Made in England. 

Spice rack.

2 paintings of what look like amoeba, but done in the style of Munch meets midcentury modern. It's unfortunate that they're not signed. They've been mounted and framed in St. Thomas so I imagine the artist is local. Very tempted to keep these but they'd look great hanging in my space. TBD.


Wedgwood Greek bar set. One cocktail shaker and six glasses.

8 plaid highball glasses that I will be selling in groups of four. 

Come check out my booth!

- J




  3. 4 are at my booth but the other 4 are right here in my office.........

  4. Gah - posted twice like a dummy. I just might have to head to your booth! Can't resist the plaid!

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  5. Actually, you can have all 8 for $30.