Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thrift Haul: A Good Day at Goodwill

There's a Goodwill by my post office and bank, so whenever I'm nearby, I can't help but pop in. I had to go to the post office today because I sold some things on Ebay. Check out my store, new items added weekly!

Club Monaco silk and sequin blouse $35

Club Monaco splatter silk blouse $28

Wilfred Le Fou silk pajama blouse $35

And it was a good day at Goodwill. I found some things for myself, for my booth, and some I'm not sure about yet. Either way, I spent a total of $24. Not bad. Again, the cashier forgot to ring through an item. I have a lot of luck with this.

My favorite find of the day, a brand new vintage Oaxacan rug tapestry. I know that sounds like an oxymoron - brand new vintage - but I looked into the company; Oaxaca Loom Exports was a textile company based out of Bakersfield, CA from 1986-1999. This rug still has the tag attached. It's 100% cotton, attached to a birch sapling wood, and Made in Mexico. Amazingly thick and sturdy and soft. Don't know if I'll be selling this anytime soon.

I think Blixa likes it. (She looks so evil in this photo)

Some hand-painted decorative wood plates with floral motifs. Also a maybe. I personally quite like them but I just don't think they would sell very well. Maybe if I'm ever in a dearth of stock for the booth.

For myself: kitchen utensil holder and a handmade wooden spoon made in the USSR (actually, for hubby). I also got a paper towel rack that I'm gonna use for displaying cuffs and an octagonal mirror base for displaying jewelry in my booth. One of these things was not rung through.

Vintage Lubiana Kristall hand-painted teacup and saucer. Made in Italy. (UPDATE: I have a set of 4 now!)

4 polka dot highball glasses. Made in Brasil. Also don't know anything about these.

If anyone has any more info on vintage glassware, particularly the styles I bought, please let me know! Thanks!

- J

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