Monday, May 2, 2016

Thrift Haul: Southwest Palette

I leave for California tomorrow!!!

I shouldn't have done so much shopping before such a big trip, especially since I know I'll find a million things in the Southwest that I'll want to bring home with me. And the other irony is that most of the things I buy are Southwestern themed, so, I'd be much better off just waiting until I get to the real thing.

But I can't resist bargains so here's some stuff I hauled last week.

This was my favorite find.

A beat up wool rug with a very Navajo Ganado-inspired print and color scheme. It's missing some bits but personally, I like the exclusions. 

Blurry shot. I might leave the rug where it is; I like the layered look.

Lots of frames. New artwork includes the horizontal Spanish piece in the top left hand corner. I also put some Mexican tarot cards and Mexican amate paintings in some frames.

Sucker for bowls, especially the 90's clear bottom Pyrex bowls (blue bowl). This is actually the last color in the Southwest set and the only one I was missing.

Now my set's complete...kind of. Mine don't nest. My new blue one is the same size as the pink one, so I guess what I really need is the large blue one.
Photo courtesy of The Rusty Nail Pail. 

Mexican water jug w/ gold plating and a little terracotta pot with glazed steerhead.

These super 90's porcelain canisters. I couldn't resist the Southwest trim and the turquoise lids.

Hubby got me this cute little coral pink patio table...

...and I got hubby this military green Russian mailbox.

- J

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