Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thrift Haul: September Madness

September was a very busy month and I stocki up on tons of product. Lots of new items for sale.

Audubon bird clock

Wood die paperweight/bookend. For sale at Memory Lane

Pair of two vintage mirror art pieces. Made in Japan. For sale on Kijiji here or at Memory Lane.

Handpainted Russian bread box. This one's for keeps.

Beriokzka (Берёзка) was a chain of state-run retails store in the Russian SFSR that operated in the 60s to the 90s.

Wine carafe w/ hole. Made in Poland. For sale on Kijiji here.

Corningware Ultratemp amber kitchen utensils, for sale on eBay here.

Vintage Bizerka scale from Yugoslavia. Not for sale.

Giant glass Pyrex vase. For sale at Memory Lane.

Handpainted Rosemaling decorative wood plate. Not for sale.

Argyle (brand) 100% wool motor rug. For sale at Memory Lane.

Vintage Electrohome turquoise fan that I bought for myself awhile ago but I have no use for it anymore so it's up for sale at Memory Lane.

Also bought this old industrial steel cabinet with the fan but after bringing in the new desk, I have no need for this. For sale on Kijiji here.

Excellent working condition Remington 1956 "Letter-Riter" typewriter. For sale on KijijiEtsy and at Memory Lane.

Diane von Furstenburg leopard glass charger plate.

Wool geometric blanket

Vintage Le Creuset #23 skillet. Also a keeper.

Love this pan. Got this for $10 at Bibles for Missions in St. Thomas

Lot of Shillcraft yarn

I'm going to amass a ton of these and then sell them on eBay eventually.

Wood nightstand w/ turquoise interior. I added the turquoise enamel hardware. For sale at Memory Lane.



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